Over 20 years of experience working with singers and groups around the world.

Group Coaching - Single sessions or ongoing, in person or via Skype, private or masterclass format. (email for more info)

Workshops and Seminars - Choose from a list of topics, or by request. (PDF) (email for more info)

Album Production - In an exclusive, hands-on, week long seminar: "Soup To Nuts". (Soup To Nuts Seminar)

Camp A Cappella - the world's first all contemporary a cappella camp for teens: http://www.campacappella.com


Memphis Commercial Appeal

For guys who have ever wanted to sing like a trumpet, a guitar, a drumset... this is the class!

Dr. Janet Galvan, Director Ithaca Children's Choir

Magnetic, musical, entertaining, informed, interesting - an unbelievable treasure trove of knowledge

Colorado Vocal Jazz Society

Nothing short of wonderful; just the right mix of expertise, experience, communication skills and charisma

Daigo Music School, Italy

Il maestro di a cappella populare... {The maestro of popular a cappella}